What Building Sandcastles can teach you about Construction

Was there ever a time in your childhood when you built a beautiful sand castle? Do you remember; sandcastle?

Aha! You do.

Did it ever occur to you that such a childhood plaything could be a type of construction?

Did it also surprise you that your lovely sand castle did not last long? Instead, it collapsed and became a sandstorm. Even if it did stand for a while, it was either trampled on by larger feet because your castle was on the way or washed away by rain. And all of the excitement and hard work went down the drain.


If you read all the way to the end, you’ll find out.

Construction is the process of building a structure using a detailed design and plan.

A detailed design is required. It is your responsibility to have it. This is the first requirement for your architects and engineers. The following step is to plan a strategy for successfully building the desired structure. It is critical to have a clear plan especially if you want to build a large structure. You should also be aware of where you want that structure to be located. You need to understand this so that when you hire architects and engineers to design and build your dream structure in your desired location, they will do exactly what you want.

Do you now understand why your sandcastle couldn’t last long? Your castle had no detailed design or plan.

Now that you understand what construction is all about, you should be aware of the various types of construction. They are classified into four types:
1. Residential construction is concerned with residences, or homes where people can live, such as single-family and multi-family dwellings. The three-bedroom flat or duplex you live in is an example of a residential building.

2. Your office and warehouse are excellent examples of commercial construction. A bank complex is a commercial building.

3. Industrial construction: facilities where production takes place, e.g., factories, pipelines, etc.

4. Infrastructure construction: the basic facilities in this section that are needed for the functioning of the society include roads, airports, bridges, etc.



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