Senatorch LTD is a multifunctional company that specializes in construction, real estate, and heavy equipment leasing services. She was established in August 2011 as a construction company with an office in Abuja. In 2014, she branched her arm into real estate and later extended the real estate arm into Anambra in 2019, where she currently holds her headquarters situated in the heart of Awka capital territory. We have all been victims of subpar work and contracts, while some have lost money in unprofitable real estate schemes. So, we are resolute to be the solution that we need, by getting into the field and doing the work, rather than staying out of the field and wailing. We’ve grown to enjoy what we do, putting smiles on people’s faces and seeing their profits from the deals we do with them. What better way to touch the world than to be the light in the darkness of others, As the torch in our name stands, we delight in being the light to guide others to the realization of their desires.