Our Services

We execute all our projects with these focal points

Meticulous Planning​

we do not rush into working, we do an intensive study into what we cant to do and determine the pros and cons.

Completion On Time​

We value time so much and also know how much your time means to you, so when we give you a time frame, we deliver on time.

Perfect Execution​

We are in the long game, so perfection is what we do. Our customers always want to come back for more, and bring others too.

Affordable Prices​

We are interested in giving you the best cost effective rates and route to your project. You will be shocked at how your budget can give you more.

We don't claim to be the best, but we can amaze you in these 12 points of actions.


Civil engineering and Civil Works services, Construction of roads and buildings, Supply of Sands, Chippings and Building Materials, and Project Handling.

Street Lights Installation

Supply and installation of electrical and electrification services (eg, street lights)

Real Estate

Sales of Lands, Property development, Estate management, Land development and Tilling, etc.


Clearing of sites for all kinds of agricultural purposes, animal and crop husbandry.

Heavy Machinery Leasing

Equipment and heavy-duty machinery Leasing, Sourcing, Procurement, Installation, and Maintenance.

Waste Management

Evacuation, control and management of wastes for public and government organisations.

Renovation and Furnishing

Furnishing and Renovation of Houses, Offices, and Estates.

Procurement and Supply

Due to our track record of Integrity and specialisation in the engineering field, we are trusted by Government and Private Agencies, to be the middle man in acquiring and installation of machines, equipment and general goods. We also represent brands who intend to penetrate the African market space


Maintenance of Roads, Buildings, and other Civil Structures.

Property Management

Our highly competent legal team helps individuals and agencies in managing, leasing and subletting their properties.


Drilling of Boreholes, and Hiring of Drilling Equipment.

Consultancy and Execution

We help you do feasibility studies and planning on major projects: roads, buildings, real estate, so you can chart the best quality and cost efficient routes. We also help bodies, individuals and agencies execute any kind of contract listed above.

Property Law

On the part of Property law, add this write up (With over a decade of legal expertise, we can handle all your property document needs. Whether you need help with preparing a C of O, Deed of Assignment, Irrevocable power of Attorney, or navigating complex real estate legalities, our dedicated team is here to provide expert guidance and support)

We derive pleasure from satisfying you by meeting all your real estate and construction needs and also exceeding your expectations.


  1. Mini Hoists
  2. Excavators (Caterpillar) CAT 325BL
  3. Bulldozers (Caterpillar) D6
  4. Graders (Caterpillar) 14G
  5. Roller Compactors
  6. Concrete mixers 6ms
  7. Hiab Cranes 10Tonnes
  8. Mobile Cranes 4Tonnes
  9. Forklifts 2Tonnes
  10. Cutting/Grinding machines
  11. Welding machines
  12. Wheel Loaders CAT 966F
  13. Bucyrus Drilling Rigs
  14. Atlas Copco Mobile Drill Rigs
  15. Ingersoll Rand Air Compressors
  16. Soil Compactors and Pad foot kit CATCS533E (Serial No. ASL01166D)
  17. D7 Bulldozers CAT (Serial no. 6CFO5554)
  18. Kenworth Lowbeds (Flatbed)
  19. Mitsubishi Truck
  20. MAN Diesel Tipper (15 tons)
  21. Toyota Hilux 4×4
  22. Generators 50KVA
  23. Measurement Rulers
  24. Trowels/Ropes
  25. Scaffoldings
  26. Concrete Mixers
  27. Cutting Machines
  28. Air Compressor Machines with 3 Pokers
  29. Toyota Camry Saloon
  30. Theodolite – Survey Instruments
  31. Water tankers
  32. Leveling Instrument/Measurement Rulers
  33. Head pans & Shovels




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